My Personal Battle With My Weight, Three Things I Want My Daughter To Never Deal With

As a young child and into young adulthood, I was extremely athletic. A teenage athlete with multiple regional awards for track and field. I found it quite easy to maintain and control my weight. But honestly, since my college days I can say that I put on at least 10lbs every year or two. And when I got married, I definitely put on some “happy weight”. So it’s no wonder that two kids later, I still have a couple of pounds, I would love to loose.

So a few years ago, when my daughter was a couple of years old, I switched our entire family to water. The best thing that came out of that is that even though I have had another child, I have maintained my weight. And as I ponder on my battle with my weight, here are 3 things I never want my daughter to battle with:

  1. Any issues with self-esteem. Life can be a maze that you must travel through. In myself, I feel like a bad ass. I am a bad ass mother (well most days), I am a bad ass wife (well most days), I am definitely a bad ass employee and as a person, I am a super go getter, who gets whatever she puts her mind to. This is why that my goal weight being so elusive and something that I have no been able to achieve has plagued me with self-doubt. I would love for my outward appearance to match the sexy bad ass woman that I know that I am.
  2. Any sense of not achieving something. As I mentioned, one of the things that I have been able to do is achieve anything I put my mind to. The inability to achieve my goal weight makes me at times feel like a failure.
  3. Being judge by her appearance. There definitely exist a misnomer that if you are overweight you are likely to be lazy. This definitely plays out in the work place. While it may be a little more complicated in being part of the “favored group”, “the in crowd”, perception definitely plays a part. For example, I cannot deny that being able to hang and socialize outside of work hours helps in being included in these groups. And participating in these activities may have you adopted a red headed step child, but being perceived as a go getter, someone whose appearance and lifestyle (runner or athletic), also helps in excel within the favored group. Being put up for promotions etc.

“Love your body, love yourself.” – Nina

While these are not hard and fast rules, these have been my experiences. Because like the Uncle Ben’s ad says “I want you to show me the way”, I want to be the role model who shows my daughter what it is like to have a healthy relationship with your body and body image. And more importantly, I want her to have heart healthy habits that foster a long and healthy life. That’s my goal plan and simple and this is what I want to pass down.

-Nina Lewis – Kinkless Founder –

My Personal Battle With My Weight, Three Things I Want My Daughter To Never Deal With

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