What happened? Just The Wakeup Call I Needed To Hear!

I am a mother of two and it is true that when you go through the life changing transformation in your life of becoming a mother, something changes. You start to put yourself last and you feel like there is a badge of honor in pushing your needs further and further into the ground. You stop wearing sexy underwear, shopping for lingerie and clothes, getting your hair, eyebrows and nails done as regularly and in most cases, you let yourself go.

You let the weight gain define you. You become the personification of motherhood. Your kids eat before you do, and the world stops and resolves around everything your kids do. Their first word, their first step, even their first bowl movement, all occupy your daily thoughts.

The Wakeup Call – “What Happened?” Me – “Motherhood Happened B!^$%”

So it’s no wonder when a friend saw one of my video on YouTube, he was compelled to share with me that when he showed the video to his partner, his first words understandably were “what happened?” Why are you wearing this frumpiness? Of course, I laughed. It was something I had heard before but not so brazenly. There was more than some truth to it all. I had become the living embodiment of motherhood. While the video had been recorded a year or so following the birth of my daughter, I had since had another child. He graced us 7 weeks early and spent amount a month in the I.C.U. So as you can imagine it was a bit of a hectic time for us as a family. All our efforts went into making sure our 4lb boy thrived in spite of his early arrival.
Needless to say, the words “what happened” registered with me and I knew it was time to make a change. Over the next few weeks, I began the painstaking work of getting back on track. I went through my underwear draw and got rid of all my “granny panties, hehe”, and went shopping. I re-established a bi-weekly schedule with hairdressers and ensured I had my eyebrows done no fewer than once a month. I started to take care of myself. But I will say my wonderful hubby thought I deserved time to relax and take care of myself. Thus, as a “just because” gift, I was treated to a day at woodhouse spa. Where I was pampered, treated to a facial and a deep massage and just a day to destress.
At the end of it all, I am so grateful for my wake up call because as Mom’s we often become super engrossed in just being Mum that we forget to just be ourselves, just be Nina.
Thanks for reading. Peace and Love!

-Nina Lewis – Kinkless Founder –

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