Tehila Designs Foil Bunch  Gold Pendant Review

While strolling in Brent Cross Shopping Center, London, I came across a stunning pair of gold foil bunch pendant at Tehila Designs boutique for a great price, so I had to share these beauties with you. Real gold and silver pieces are to be treasured and passed on, but what made this pendant really stand out for me is their versatility: they are the perfect complement to a wedding dress, plus the size and design are just right for everyday wear.

You know, as my ten year anniversary approached, all I could think of was an appropriately sized shindig to celebrate the event, and all the gorgeous dresses that goes along with it. It seems our modern perception, is the bigger the better, but it’s not always about size. A modest yet modern jewellery piece can still be precious and beautiful. If the design is right and the jewels are exquisite, a subtle design can make a lasting impression, while adding an easy, youthful vibe. And the best thing about this kind of delicate jewellery is the added bonus of being able to wear it every day. What a beautiful way to remember any occasion of significance. I am totally obsessed with choosing a the perfect gown and jewellery that I can wear after my special day. I would love to know if you have any tips for me to help me decide. Please let me know in the comments below.

Made of sterling silver, Tehila designs pieces can also be covered in 24 karat gold or you can select pieces that are 100% 24k gold. If gold plated you must follow the care instructions which include:

  • ​Remove your jewellery whilst applying perfumes, makeup etc. Better still wear them last after you have finished dressing up completely.
  • Avoid contact with Chlorine or other harsh chemicals.
  • Store your jewellery separately to avoid scratches  or entanglement, preferably place them in a zip lock bag.
  • Do not store your Tehila Designs (TD) Jewellery with costume Jewellery



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Tehila Designs Foil Bunch Gold Pendant Review

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