You can either make this with four leaves making it a four leaf clover or with five making it a shamrock.  In nature, real four-leaf clovers can be very tricky to find, so make your own with this hair pin. According to tradition, each clover leaf is meant to stand for something: hope, faith, love, and that evasive fourth leaf stands for luck.


  1. 50 Jade beads 1.5 mm. You can go bigger
  2. 1 Rose quartz bead 1.5mm *
  3. Craft wire (silver) 26 gauge**
  4. 1 Black hair pin**!
  5. 1 Needle Nosed Pliers
  6. 1 Round Nose Pliers
  7. 1 Side Cutters


  • * Or black onxy, your choice
  • **If using bigger beads, reduce the gauge
  • *** You can choice desired pin length



1. To make the leaves, I found it easiest to thread the wire with 50 (shamrock) jade beads (40 clover) all at once. This allows you to shape the leaves all in one go.

2.  To form a four-leaf clover/five-leaf shamrock, gather all the beads you wired and let the pin cut the beads down the middle.

3. Loop the wire to form a leaf and once the leaf is formed, wrap the wire around in the rear of the pin to finalize

4. Reat four more time (or three depending on your leaf choice)

5. To wrap up, thread the rose quartz bead and loop it around the leaves you recently formed.

St. Patrick’s Day Themed DIY Hair Clip

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