About Us

Kinkless Creator – Nina Lewis

At the height of the recession, Nina found her love for inventing and innovation. Spurred by a dream from a few years earlier about a device that would keep your jewelry kink and tangle free, Nina embarked on her journey to create Kinkless in late 2012.

Nina had a successful track record with helping corporate companies build their brands, but the desire remained to create her own. In 2014, C-A-L innovations was born, a product innovation company that develops problems-solving solutions that aim to make life a little easier with the first of them being Kinkless.   “We develop, invent and solve problems to meet the needs of our families. Things that we all need to make our lives a little easier.”

Nina is an entrepreneurial spirit who thrives on innovation. A master multitask-er with an intense focus on customer satisfaction. Positive and vibrant optimist, with an ability to easily pick up most tasks/skill sets assigned to me; culminating in a unique ability to sell ice to Eskimos and exceed customer expectation. Nina holds a Bachelor of science in Neuroscience from King’s College London and a Master’s in Public Health from Emory university. Nina started her career as a pharmaceutical sales rep soon after graduating, surpassing her annual goal for territory sales within 6 months leading to 115% of target in a fiscal year, boosting overall sales within the territory from ranking 127th to 3rd.  Nina born in Freetown, Sierra Leone, grew up in London England, moved to Atlanta GA following a career in pharmaceutical sales where she assumed the role of corporate relations officer at prestigious Georgia based college, working with C-Level executives (fortune 500 companies) to gain their participation in the presidential chat and executive lecture series as well as philanthropic giving for various college initiatives.  Nina was privileged enough to work with Don Keough, Kenneth Chenault, Arthur Blank and Warren Buffet.  Nina would soon return to a career in Healthcare, close to her roots, working at Emory University first within healthcare division within a marketing role, later moving to the University within a clinical research role.  Later, Nina moved into a career in project management, within a global contract research organization.

Jewelry is meant to be a statement that has defined females for generations. It’s the touch of glamour and sparkle that gives the beholder it’s individuality. Whether they are new pieces or generational gifts, jewelry is the definition of bravura. One of the greatest misfortune to any piece of jewelry is entanglement and tarnish. Nina Lewis, founder of C-A-L Innovations, understood the power and definition of jewelry. In effort to protect jewelry from becoming tarnished or tangled, Lewis established the Kinkless. The first of its kind, Kinkless is the first jewelry preservation system that can protect your jewelry anywhere and anytime. Lewis’ inspiration is to ensure your memories are forever safe with Kinkless.

The value of a piece of jewelry is immeasurable and can’t be defined by a price tag. With that, every single piece of jewelry deserves to be treated as a staple and valued at a level of undefined importance. This is one of the primary principles of Kinkless. The Kinkless family understands that every single piece of jewelry possess its own special and unique meaning. Moreover, every single piece of jewelry deserves a safe and secure place. It’s our passion to create and restore through value for value. With our deluxe and luxurious suede preservation system, Kinkless ensures the value in our products and your legacy.

Jewelry are items of memories. Memories are precious treasures that you will carry for life. At every walk and stop in life, many are gifted different pieces of jewelry with a story, a message or experience. That piece and that memory should kept close, secure and safe without risk or fear of breaking or tarnishing. Nina Lewis developed the Kinkless knowing the power of memories. Every Kinkless created and sold means another precious memory is stored for life. Whether you choose to wear or share, the Kinkless Family welcomes your memories, your legacy and your stories a place of safety and security. We build a memory for your memories.