Get The Kinks Out of Your Life: Oh oh I am alien, I’m a Englishman in Atlanta GA!

Now with Kids, I’ll be honest, when I moved from London to Atlanta, GA, I didn’t really plan it. You see, I worked for a huge Contracts Research Organization (CRO) at the time and they had laid of my entire team. My senior regional director told me, “take a 6-month vacation and when you get back, I’ll have a job for you.” So, I jumped at the chance to go visit my sister who was living in Atlanta at the time. At the time I arrived, I had every intention in returning back to England. My brother in law encouraged me to keep my skills sharp and interview for positions while I was here and so I did.

On my second interview, I landed position as Corporate Relations Officer. It was such a great opportunity I couldn’t resist. Plus, five months after arriving, I met a hunk of a man who would later become my husband, and while I wasn’t sure where the relationship was going at the time, I wanted to give it a chance to flourish. As the corporate relations officer, I was responsible for the growth of the corporate funding program through the successful implementation of the Presidential Chat and Executive Lecture series. I worked with C-Level executives such as Arthur Blank, Kenneth Chennault, Don Keough and Warren Buffet. It was very different from anything I experienced. At first it was exciting, the allure of the US lifestyle, it was different from anything I had ever experienced.

11 years later, married and now with two kids, I often think about my serendipitous move to the USA. While it was not planned, I don’t think I fully understood the implications. You see I was born in Freetown, Sierra Leone. Freetown is enriched in culture, in foods and in lifestyle. Living in England, I was surrounded by family and friends and thus I was immersed in my culture even though I was a transplanted in England. However, living in Atlanta, I was far away from family and friends and my way of life. This did not bother me until I had kids.

Teaching My Kids What I Grew Up With

With friends and family so far, I often worry about being able to install the lifestyle and the way of life that I grew up knowing. I want my children to know the culture, the foods, the values that I grew up with, but with a twist. I won’t say that my childhood was perfect but for me it was pretty close. We were taught to studious and to strive for the best. We were guided but it was an expectation. This is where I would make an addition to my parenting. I believe that we should all follow our true passions. We should guide our children to harness their inner strength and their true calling which aligns with their talents and skills. This is what I hope to pass on.

-Nina Lewis – Kinkless Founder –

Get The Kinks Out of Your Life: Oh oh I am alien, I’m a Englishman in Atlanta GA!

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