Helzberg Diamond Station Bracelet in Sterling Silver

If you love diamonds, then this beautiful bracelet is for you! Helzberg’s beautiful Diamond Station Bracelet in Sterling Silver is one of the label’s signature pieces. Throughout history, silver has been valued for its bright luster and utility. Since silver is generally too soft in its purest form, it is mixed with other metals to give it durability and the circular cut design in this bracelet is flawless. Not to mention that each of the five center pieces are encrusted with 8 1.5 millimeter diamond center pieces, giving you a total of 40 diamonds.  When you raise your hand in the sunlight, the diamonds sparkle in its rays. When at a party in an evening

setting, these diamonds, catch the light accentuating the brilliance of the diamonds; and this is why this bracelet is designed to be worn to any occasion.  If you spot anything similar, it would just be an imitation piece “inspired” by this original design.  As you might imagine, they are the ultimate showstoppers! A piece of jewelry with a difference, this particular piece is the gateway into Helzberg’s world of elaborate and unique bracelets.  To ensure this piece maintains its sparkle, where the diamond can catch the sun to eliminate its brilliance proper handling and care and that includes storage is essential and this where Kinkless can help you ensure you keep your bracelet in pristine condition. Kinkless is mad of a luxurious velvet material impregnated with an anti tarnish element to allow your pieces to maintain their shine and luster.  It’s self seal, easy open close design allows for fast, simple and reliable storage at home or on the go.

Kinkless Bracelet No Knots

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Helzberg Diamond Station Bracelet in Sterling Silver

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