Cherishing a Family Legacy, Three Things To Know

Yesterday I was surfing the Web and I discovered a very interesting story. The story revolves around a forty year old lady who keeps a special ring in her dresser.The reason why this ring is so special is because it has been passed down from generation to generation. Matter of fact, it was first worn on May 19, 1867 by one of the lady’s maternal ancestors after she married her best friend of two years.

Unfortunately, she died approximately ten years later. However, she gave the ring to her daughter while she was on her death bed. From there on, the ring has been passed down to each daughter of a new generation. Even though the ring can’t be worn anymore, it still holds value because it represents family history. The lady who currently owns the ring stated that she will pass it down daughter before she dies. She wants to keep the legacy.

I’ve never had anything passed down to me from either of my parents, yet! However, I can only imagine how his lady felt when she first received this ring. Receiving something that is part of family legacy can tend to make someone feel really important and special. It can make you feel part of something greater than yourself.

Family Legacy Items & Why You Should Cherish It

  1. Memories: Jewelry are items of memories. Memories are precious treasures that you will carry for life. At every walk and stop in life, many are gifted different pieces of jewelry with a story, a message or experience. That piece and that memory should kept close, secure and safe without risk or fear of breaking or tarnishing. That gift also carries a legacy. The legacy that transcends familial ties.
  2. Inspiration: Jewelry is a statement that has defined females for generations. It’s the touch of glamour and sparkle that gives the beholder it’s individuality. Whether they are new pieces or generational gifts, jewelry is the definition of bravura. And maintaining a piece of jewelry in pristine condition so much so that you can pass it down, is one of the greatest gift the receiver can get.
  3. Value: The value of a piece of jewelry is immeasurable and can’t be defined by a price tag. With that, every single piece of jewelry deserves to be treated as a staple and valued at a level of undefined importance. But of course, should a piece be made of real and genuine precious metal, over time, that piece will increase in fiscal value.

These are the reason why cherishing a Family legacy so important and if jewelry is one of the ways you choose to honor that legacy, you should find a way to preserve and maintain your jewelry, kink and tangle free.

-Nina Lewis- Kinkless Founder

Cherishing a Family Legacy, Three Things To Know

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