What Three Things Atlanta’s I-85 Bridge Collapse Taught Me About Burning Bridges

From the title of this blog you might believe that this is a satirical article but believe me, it’s not.  While the events of March 30th bridge collapse on I-85 were completely unexpected, because, quite frankly, life does often throw us a curve ball, it also taught me that there are distinct parallels between burning metaphorical and actual bridges that we can all learn from.

To Burn A Bridge or Not To Burn A Bridge?

  1. As seen with the burning of I-85 bridge, travel into Atlanta was halted indefinitely. The ramification of the collapse will be felt for years to come and for the time being will affect up to 250,000 drivers in Atlanta daily. The same devastation can be felt when we burn metaphorical bridges. While the effects may not be visible to the naked eye, we suffer from the choice we make. Any connection be it business, personal or other that may have come from the path just singe, while not lost to us, will result in a huge detour to accomplish the same end goal.
  2. Burning a bridge may have very real consequences. Two days following the burning of the I-85 bridge and subsequent collapse, three men were identified as being responsible for causing the collapse. They were arrested, appeared in court, bond set and they are now awaiting trial. The same can be seen when a metaphorical bridge is burned. If this occurs between two friends, the perceived guilty party is tried in the court of public opinion, convicted and often serves the time for the perceived crime.
  3. Lastly burning a bridge could impact others. As mentioned above, the collapse of the bridge had devastating effects on the residents of Atlanta, most notably, those who live, work and commute in the vicinity of the collapse. The same can be said of a metaphorical bridge burn. For personal relationships those closest to the two party are often most impacted. Finding it difficult to choose a side, they may be caught in limbo. For those who choose, they may suffer from remorse as the choice may be purely down to loyalty as opposed to knowing or understand who or what to choose.

But things happen for a reason. The I-85 bridge collapse, is a miracle in itself as there were zero casualties. And many hidden blessings in the lessons it served. To wrap up, its best to avoid burning bridges but if you do, note there will be consequences whether it’s a figurative or actual bridge burn.

-Nina Lewis – Kinkless Founder –

What Three Things Atlanta’s I-85 Bridge Collapse Taught Me About Burning Bridges

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