5 Things I Did Wrong When I Launched My Indiegogo Campaign

In my previous blog “Tips for the Entrepreneur’s Journey” I talked about my journey to the life of entrepreneurship. In a nutshell and in the words of MLK, “ I have a dream”, I bought it to life, and I wanted to now birth it to the world. Problem was, I had a build it and they would come mentality

Not until recently did I have an epiphany and truly realize the effort, the orchestration and luck (opportunity meet preparedness-Oprah) that it takes to have a successful startup venture. Truly, I just wasn’t ready. But from my First Attempt In Learning, here are my five best tips when launching an Indiegogo campaign

Indiegogo Campaign Tips

  1. You must have a following. Selena Soo talks about building publicity; using every opportunity and every avenue to get your message and your voice out there. When I started, I did not have a following, I really did not know and understand this simply principle.
  2. You must have an authentic relationship with your audience. Now at the time I started, I had no real clue who my audience was. I had not built a relationship. My mindset was this product solved a real problem. Everyone has had a necklace or two, that has become tangled. They’ve then had to take the painstaking time to untangle and/or pay for the untangling service. Thus, Kinkless would be perfect for everyone.
  3. Your audience must trust you. In order to sell to your ideal client there must be a trust in your relationship. So that when you recommend or sell a product to them, they can trust that you are offering them a better solution. While you may know, and believe that the product you are offering is the best, without an authentic relationship and a true following, it will be difficult to make the sale.
  4. You must have an engaged audience. Along the same thought, your audience must be engaged. Engagement comes when your audience has gained some real benefit from information you’ve shared with them before. Some advice you’ve given, and/or shared with them.
  5. You must be prepared to fail. When I launched a crowd funding campaign late 2014, I raised $42 of the $15k, I hoped for. I failed!  Which set me on the right path. I went through the process of realizing that to FAIL really is just a First Attempt ILearning and that it was really nothing to be afraid of.  Failure is not a curse, Peter McWilliams said, ‘To avoid situations in which you might make mistakes, may be the biggest mistake of all”. In fact, I learnt so much which I do not believe I would have learnt, had I not failed.

To conclude when embarking on any crowd funding endeavor you must, absolutely must, do the ground work to gain, engage an authentic following that trusts you.  Without this, engagement, it’s almost certain that campaign will fail barring luck or an act of God.

-Nina Lewis – Kinkless Founder

5 Things I Did Wrong When I Launched My Indiegogo Campaign

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